About us

Based in the UK, Lumacharge is a simply awesome approved way of giving customers a safe fast smart charge whilst maintaining the health of almost any device.

 Dependency on mobile devices is insatiable, the need to stay charged is critical – there is even a Phobia for it!
Lumacharge founder: Leonard Weaver


Our solutions are the ideal choice to increase customer dwell time in your premises – the longer they stay the more they pay!

Enrich your brand image with smart LED illuminated technology – FREE advertising!

Our back-end services enable you to communicate on-line with your customers!

Resulting in happy informed visitors who spend more.

All this and more costing from a pint of beer per week 

Beautiful in its simplicity our functional, stylish, easy to use products resolve charging dilemmas for smartphones, tablets, android, apple, vape and other mobile products.

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