How it works

We understand you want to provide a unique service, attract new customers, keep them in your premises for longer and coming back for more.
Table top space is very important – so we designed our simple but powerful products to fit.
Buildings and requirements vary – our range of products work inside and out.
We make it easy to Charge Mobile Devices whilst still being able to use them.
Our simple wireless designs incorporate illumination, from the custom designed display to tables and outside areas – giving you a “Renewable” aspect to lighting your premises.


Most clients keep Lumacharge behind the bar or in a safe place when charging, overnight will give you a full days charge. You can offer it as a FREE or Pay to use service either way it might be prudent to take a swipe of a card to ensure its return?

Lumacharge is taken to the table, devices are plugged in – Happy days another satisfied customer.

When finished its returned – Repeat the process for best results 😉

Deciding how many you need

How many customers or covers do you have?

Lumacharge is a scalable service – start with a FREE Trial – buy or rent one or more, we have various offers on over 3 units.

Do you think you can sell one extra pint per week?

Lumacharge has multi-connection outlets so you can charge different devices all at once!

You only need one Lumacharge charger for every 8 Lumacharge table-top devices – Saving space behind the counter.

The Technical Stuff

Lumacharge table-top products utilise VRT (voltage regulator technology) to recognise what type of phone is plugged in and provide the correct smart fast charge for each device.

Lumacharge products can be re-charged from our 8 way mains power charging adapter or our Flexible Solar array.

The LED display on the charging unit tells you exactly the state of its charge.

For more information on our range of products please ask for a data sheet.